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Kids of Creep & Cream. Doodled by Sue Anna Joe.

We truly love kids. And as our token of appreciation for  those who purchased our very first release, we included doodles of the kids wearing our Creep & Cream tee. We definitely had fun, doodling these adorable kids. Thank you so much dear parents for the support. 

Sleep n' Dream of Creep & Cream,
Sue Anna Joe

Dian Safra, daughter of @nursakinahsoleh
This is the first doodle we did of the kids wearing Creep & Cream!

Muhammad Adam Rafael, son of @nanazman_ 

Nur Aimy Maisarah, daughter of @leyla_k

Hazrat, son of @feed_art

Lulu, daughter of @hiphopless

Maryam Sufi, daughter of @ninjhadinosaur

Medina, daughter of @ninazainorin
Rayyan, son of @melatiibrahim

Suci, daughter of @dianamahdzir
Lana daughter of @nurulizwa