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Creep & Cream featured on Makchic.

Write-up about Creep & Cream on Makchic.

Hello hello. Would like to thank Anna Lee for the interview and write-up about Creep & Cream on Makchic. So what is Makchic anyway? Makchic is not your regular makcik. 'Mak' for mom and 'chic' for being stylish and sophisticated. So yeah, mom's who are stylish and sophisticated. Which is why it's an honour to be featured on their website. 

The website is very resourceful for moms (and dads). They publish regular features like this, fashion and lifestyle, and pretty much everything else related to babies, children, from pregnancy to caring for your kid. 

Head on over to and do check out the write up on us here: Thank you so much!! 

Sleep n' Dream of Creep & Cream,
Sue Anna Joe